Embedded Internship Programs

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is increasingly being recognised by government, education providers, the industry and students as an essential component in the successful transition of graduates to the workforce, and increasing their competitiveness in the labour market. Universities are also acknowledging that opportunities afforded by Work Integrated Learning are key aspects which can help differentiate and support the success of a tertiary education provider in a market where students demand knowledge and skillsets relevant to the business environment. 

More and more universities and tertiary education providers are utilising the expertise of Performance Careers to offer tailored Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Embedded Internship Programs to their students. As The Graduate Employability Experts, reasons why Performance Careers is the preferred partner for universities include;

  • Performance Careers is a leading Australian facilitator of Professional Work Integrated Learning Programs with a long, proven record
  • Complete turnkey solution tailored to the needs to the university/education provider and their students
  • A specialised Work Integrated Learning team of 24 members with extensive experience in recruitment, WIL/Internships and career coaching  
  • Structured program with Personalised Learning and Development plan and Formal Training Agreement and Evaluation Process
  • A dedicated Placement Consultant to provide coaching, guidance and career advice throughout the WIL progress
  • Connection to 2,750 industry partners
  • We have experience helping 9,000 interns 
  • The right internship placement – delivered on time, every time

Performance Careers Embedded Internship and Work Integrated Learning Programs can be delivered to universities and education providers in conjunction with technical training or after graduation.

Find out more about some of our tailored partnership programs or contact us today to discuss your requirements.