2017 International Student Award Winner

International student award with gradconnection

What does it take to be the international student of the year? Out of thousands of applicants, the best was selected for the annual GradConnection Top100 Future Leaders ‘International Student Award’ sponsored by Performance Education Group.

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How to Achieve Your Career Goals through Strategic Planning

Strategic career planning

Every job-seeker or employee needs to spend time reflecting on their career and developing plans for the future. Placement Consultant, Miriam Persand, shares how you can strategically plan to achieve your desired career goals.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Short Work Experiences

Work integrated learning placement benefits

Secured yourself an internship placement or temporary job opportunity? The experience may be short, but the benefits can be great. Placement Consultant, Jessica Saunders, shares how you can maximise your short workplace experiences by being intentional about these 5 things.

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When & How to Follow Up After an Interview

Interview follow up

Sending a follow up email after an interview can influence a hiring manager's decision to hire you. Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, shares how to write a follow up note to express your enthusiasm and show you are the ideal candidate for the placement or job.

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What Does Emotional Intelligence Have to do with Success?

Emotional intelligence

What does it take to succeed in the workplace? Apart from developing your technical skills, you also need to grow your emotional intelligence. Placement Consultant, Alexandra Ewens, shares the 5 competencies of emotional intelligence you need to hone if you want to progress in your career.

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