Managers Vs Peers – Is One Relationship More Important than the Other?

Manager vs peers

In the Australian workplace, it is desired that employees find a balance in their professional relationships. There can be confusion on whether some relationships should be managed or fostered above others, especially across diverse workplaces. Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, provides scenario-based advice on managing your professional relationships.

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Develop a Positive Attitude for Positive Outcomes

Postive attitude

If you want to succeed in life, it is crucial to have the right attitude. Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugura, shares why this is so important for your career and personal life, and ways you can develop a positive and growth mindset.

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For a Successful Career Build Effective Professional Relationships With These People

Build professional relationships

To build a successful career in Australia it is essential that you invest time in establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships. Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, shares who you need to invest in and why.

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What to Expect From Your Work Integrated Learning Placement

Work integrated learning placement internship

Are you taking up a Work Integrated Learning placement (internship) soon? Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, answers some commonly asked questions so you know what to expect and can set yourself up to do well.

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Behind the Scenes of the Placement Process

Work integrated learning placement process

Curious about how you are placed for a Work Integrated Learning opportunity? Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, shares insight into what we do to ensure our students have a positive experience right throughout their placement process!

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