Want Your Career to Soar? Build These Characteristics

Characteristics for career success

From the very early stages of your career it is important to begin building good characteristics for success. Placements Team Leader, Rachel Coleman, shares five characteristics which will help you achieve things you are proud of, whether professionally or personally.

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6 Tips to Help You Ace Your Interview the First Time

Interview advice

Whether it's a phone, video or face-to-face interview, you always want to be as prepared as possible. Placement Consultant, Zoey Ka, shares 6 ways to prepare yourself and set yourself up for interview success.

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Performance Education Group Acquires Readygrad

Performance education group readygrad acquisition news

Performance Education Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Readygrad. Both market leaders in the employability space, this combination creates the largest graduate employability specialist in Australia.

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A Placement Consultant's Internship Experience

Internship placement experience

The benefits from taking part in a work based learning placement are endless, but only if you grab each opportunity with both hands. Placement Consultant, Joanne Mitchell, shares about her personal internship placement experience and how this has impacted the way she now works with interns to achieve the best outcomes for them.

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Australian Business Culture and What to Expect

Australian business culture

When you are new to a country it can be hard to know how to behave in a new environment especially in the corporate sector. Placements Team Leader (NSW), Elena Pascoe, sheds light on things about Australian working and business culture that international workers say surprises them.

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