15 Ways to Be Good to Yourself

Have you ever heard of term the term ‘spring clean’? We refer to this as a process that involves thorough cleaning of a place – normally house or room. Sometimes this is also used as a metaphor to invigorate or rejuvenate our life.

And what better time to do this than in Spring!

Here are 15 of my favourite techniques to recharge myself. I’m sure some will work for you.

  1. Take a long relaxing bath, complete with your favourite music and candles
  2. Have a mini spring clean. Declutter your space and your mind
  3. Write down 10 things you feel grateful for
  4. Exercise. Go for a brisk walk, a run or pick up some weights
  5. Do something for the first time. It can be something simple like going to a new restaurant
  6. Cook yourself a home cooked meal from scratch. Feed your body the nutrients it needs
  7. Turn off your phone for a few hours… just a few will do wonders
  8. Organise your wardrobe. Yes that includes shoes and accessories
  9. Breathe some fresh air, go outside, smell the flowers, watch the clouds and really breathe in the fresh air
  10. Try something creative. Paint, draw, or bake something new
  11. Write yourself a love letter
  12. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  13. Have a mini pamper session – a deep moisturising treatment, mini manicure or pedicure
  14. Drink lots of water
  15. Remember it is ok to say no

I hope you can try some of my favourite self-care tips and remember you are important. Whether you are a mother or father managing kids, work, life, and domestic chores, or a student, or office worker, have a mortgage, loans and debts higher than you ever imagined, you deserve to practice self-care and take some time out for you – because you matter!

Carving out some time to take care of yourself will put you in a better mental position to do what you need to do, and achieve your goals.

Remember it is important to take some time out for yourself. It can be beneficial not only for your personal life but also help you achieve your goals in your worklife. Our expert Placement Consultants are here to support you not only during your internship program but also to help guide you mentally to achieving your goals.

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