5 Reasons Why 2021 is the Year of the Intern

With the trials and tribulations of 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror, businesses and organizations are now determined to look forward – preparing for the next period of work (whether virtual or in-person) which should thankfully (hopefully) look more encouraging than the majority of last year.

Despite this cautious optimism, it’s no secret that 2020 has taken its toll, with a plethora of reports regarding Zoom fatigue and burnout among employees – to the extent that National Geographic has offered us a scientific explanation as to why it is ‘taxing our brains’[1] so heavily.

With disengagement so widespread – what can employers and HR departments do to resolve it?

Here’s why introducing an intern may just be the revitalising tonic your business needs.

  1. A fresh perspective for a new era of work

Enthusiasm. Energy. Optimism. Interns can bring a spark to a business that may be lacking innovation and/or motivation. As we enter a period of new business norms – with remote working certain to continue to some degree post-pandemic (75% of Australian workers think employers will support future work from home plans[2]) new situations and staff bring new ideas – inspiring those around them to think differently.

  1. Demonstrate a growth mindset

What better way to reassure your staff and the market of the ongoing progress and success of your business during these turbulent times than by bringing in new talent. Typically – interns are no additional burden on salary budgets, which is a win-win.

  1. More hands on deck

For many of us, 2020 was the year of trying to get the same amount of work done with less budget to work with. Would having a keen, qualified, inexpensive pair of hands to help out have been a godsend last year? How about every year? An intern is the solution.

  1. Testing new talent

Although 82% of Performance Education’s Host Companies would like to support an intern again in the future[3], we know that just as our interns are taking their chosen career path for a test drive, we encourage companies to do the same with our graduates – obligation free.

  1. Develop management skills in your current staff

Internships are a two-way street. Discover future leaders in your organisation in a low-risk setting by encouraging them to mentor your new intern.

At Performance Education, 95% of our Host Companies rate their experience with us and our interns from good to outstanding.[4]

Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of hosting an intern.

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[2] https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2020/09/28/australians-want-to-work-from-home-more-post-covid.html

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