The Handy Interview Checklist


So you have submitted an application for a job online and before you get the chance to let out a sigh of relief the phone rings. It’s the recruiter and they are asking if you can attend an interview with the hiring manager. Brilliant. The interview is happening in 48 hours. 2 days. What!?!?

Don’t despair, we have you covered. The following checklist is a good signpost for the practice you should be following before, during and after the interview.

Day before. 

1. Prepare your CV and folio if relevant

2. Prepare your professional outfit

3. Company research- review their website

4. Get to grips with the job role

5. Review the job ad and the company website

6. Know where you’re going – map it out

7. Get a good night’s sleep so you’re not looking tired

Morning of the interview. 

8. Check your body odour – don’t overspray

9. Check your breath – have a mint, don’t chew gum

10. Check that you have all of your documents

11. Leave half an hour earlier than you need to

12. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early

13. Put your phone on silent 

Make a good first impression. 

14. Maintain good posture – shoulders back

15. Maintain good eye-contact

16. Strong hand-shake

17. Be enthusiastic

After the interview. 

21. Thank them for their time
22. Strong hand-shake
As you tick off the last action in this handy interview checklist you will know that you have carried out all the essentials for a successful interview and can walk out confident.
23. Sigh of relief- check 


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