Showcase Your Education For Job Success


Did you know that, on average, LinkedIn members with certifications highlighted on their profiles receive 6x more views? 

Your LinkedIn Profile is a 24/7 representation of your professional knowledge and achievements, and as a young professional your education section especially says a lot about you to potential employers. The education and certification sections help showcase all the great experience that has shaped you professionally, your theoretical knowledge and technical skills. 

Whether you are actively job seeking or just keeping your ear to the ground for future possibilities, keeping your LinkedIn profile in top shape ensures you are well-placed to take advantage of opportunities in a competitive job market. A huge 93% of hiring managers check out candidates on social media before making a hiring decision! 2 

Adding to your education section is easy. If you are a current or past student of Performance Education;

1.    Just click ‘add’ to the left of the Education tile
2.    Start typing ‘Performance Education’ and select it from the drop down list
3.    Add in your course of study
4.    Click ‘save’ to add it to your profile

pe education

And, if you were a ‘Professional Year Student of the Month’ or ‘Intern of the Week’ why not add it under ‘Honors & Awards’ to really make your profile stand out?

Add honors and awards

So, give your profile this quick 1 minute tune up and enhance your LinkedIn profile today. You have studied hard for your qualifications and courses – be proud and show them off!

Remember that all the skills you learn through your Internship program can also be added to your Linkedin profile, so as well as gaining a qualification you are also gaining new skills for the workforce.

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