GUEST BLOG: Why Interns Are All The Rage At Elegant Media

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: We at Elegant Media understand how it feels to start small. We are an App development company started in 2010 by two friends who had graduated from Charles Stuart University and Swinburne University. A decade later, we are one of Australia’s biggest App development companies with 45 staff and offices across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

At Elegant Media, we have always had a culture of hiring interns because we understand the value they provide. We have always felt that interns are an undervalued asset that many businesses miss out on simply because they have not tried it or have had one negative experience. Hosting interns is not only our way of giving back to society by providing young people with a platform to kick start their careers; it is also a practice that has had immense benefits for our business. Here are the top 5 ways Elegant Media benefits from interns.


1. Interns bring the most up to date knowledge and education

The world of tech is always changing, and hence when we take on an intern from a reputable university, we know we will be getting someone trained in the latest technologies.

Since we always host interns who are passionate about learning App development and project management, they are likely to be following the latest systems and trends and bring with them that knowledge.


2.   Great interns can turn into great employees

A number of the interns we have hosted through Performance Education have gone on to become full-time employees. During the internship period, the interns have enough time and opportunity to showcase to us their work ethics, aptitude, and ability to jell in our companies’ work culture. By the end of the internship, we usually know if we have an intern, we simply can not let go of.


3. Interns bring new perspectives

We have found that internships are a great way to infuse new perspectives and fresh energy into our business on a regular basis.

Interns are young and full of energy. In Australia, your interns are likely to be from very diverse cultures as well. This results in the infusion of fresh ideas and perspectives which has proven invaluable to our business.


4. Interns help with effective work management and growth

The interns we have hired through Performance Education have come on board less as an uninformed recent graduate and more as a young professional looking to learn and grow.

Taking an intern on at the right time has assisted team members with key projects whilst providing mentors with the opportunity to gain valuable managerial experience.


5. Interns make for a great test audiences

This is an indulgence our company is unapologetically proud that our interns bring. Interns represent the youth of this country. When we involve them in the App development process and ask them to test our Apps, we are always getting a fresh new look into our Apps from the generation that has grown up on them.

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