Migration Agents: Here’s why you should partner with PE & Gradability

As the world is now settling into the ‘new norm’ post COVID, the immigration landscape in Australia is starting to change, once again, for the better.


This upward trend in immigration highlights a skills and knowledge gap that might be preventing international graduates from starting their professional careers in Australia.

While they might have all the academic qualifications in their professional field, and perhaps even professional experience in other countries, familiarising themselves with Australian workplace culture is crucial for long-term success. And so is relevant local work experience.

At PE and Gradability, this is exactly our speciality. We provide tailored programs for international graduates that combine industry leading professional training with practical work experience in the form of a 12 week internship placement.


If you work as a migration agent in this space, here are the top reasons why you should partner with us:


  1. Outstanding outcomes for your clients

Performance Education is Australia’s #1 provider of Professional Year programs (IT & Accounting) and approved by various professional bodies, incl. ACS, CPA, Chartered Accountants, and IPA. Partnering with us gives you direct access to a PY Program that delivers more than just 5 migration points to your students. You can rely on outstanding quality of training and internship placements that are right for each student and sourced on time. 40-60% of our graduates are offered paid employment with their host company following their internship. Plus, we are the first and only PY Provider who provides digital credentials to certify our students’ soft skills – one more way we support them in their job search and help them stand out.

  1. Improved customer satisfaction & retention

By offering your clients access to high-quality education programs, you will be able to improve their overall satisfaction with your services. This can lead to repeat business and referrals, helping you grow your client base over time.

  1. Broader Service Offering

As a partner of Performance Education and Gradability, you will be able to offer your clients access to programs that are designed to enhance their skills and knowledge and support them on their journey to Permanent Residency. This will help you attract more clients who are on the Skilled Migration Pathway and looking for services to support them along the way.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Partnering with Performance Education and Gradability can give you a competitive advantage over other migration agents in Australia who do not have access to Professional Year and other employability programs. This can help you attract more clients and increase your market share in the education sector.

  1. Additional Revenue Source

When you refer a student to our Professional Year or GAP Program, you’ll earn commission. By partnering with us and adding our programs to your service offering, you broaden your revenue sources which can help you increase your revenue and profitability over time.

  1. Joint Marketing Reach

Leverage the resources provided by us to complement your own marketing activity. Agents should take a proactive approach to marketing and business development. This includes promoting the partnership through social media, email marketing, and other channels for maximum reach.


Overall, being a partner of Performance Education and Gradability can be highly beneficial for migration agents in Australia who are looking to grow their business in the education sector.


If you are ready to join the graduate employability revolution and make Australia’s leading PY Program and GAP Program available to your clients, reach out to our team today.



Lyndsay Blanchard

NSW Sales Manager

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