Must Have Skills For Recent Accounting Graduates

The best way to find out what types of skills employers are looking for is by doing some simple research.

Based on what employers are saying on job boards, here is a list of the most common skills recent accounting graduates must have.

1. Desire to Complete CA or CPA

Communicate to employers that you are passionate and eager to have a long career in accounting by showing them you want to or are pursuing your CA or CPA.
Employers will be able to visualise you staying with their organisation and continuing your professional development by completing these additional qualifications.
After completing the CPA Program, you will be highly regarded for your skills and knowledge by employers from around the world. This is because CPAs are known for understanding the global market and creating real business solutions.” (CPA Website)
In the future this could benefit you by providing you with promotion and salary opportunities.

2. Knowledge of Accounting Software

For most positions you will need to have strong knowledge and/or experience using an accounting software such as MYOB or QuickBooks.
If you haven’t been exposed to this types of software since university, you should seriously consider refreshing your skills through self-learning or by enrolling in a course.

3. Advanced Excel Skills

Anyone who is pursuing a career in accounting, must have advanced skills in Excel.
Some functions you should know in Excel are VLookup, pivot tables and macros.

4. Attention to Detail

In the accounting field you will be dealing with very important information and most employers are looking for people with strong attention to detail.
The first step you can take to prove to employers that you have this skill is to ensure your CV has no errors and is consistent.
In your cover letter and CV you should also have this listed as one of your skills if it is one of your strengths.

5. Knowledge of Current Taxation Laws and Accounting Procedures

There are always changes being made to laws relating to taxation and accounting procedures.
Ensure you have a good understanding of the current laws and procedures and that you keep up to date with any changes by researching and reading relevant articles related to these areas.
There are many other important technical skills and personal attributes employers are seeking in recent accounting graduates so you should always read the “Skills Required” section in each job advertisement you are applying for, identify which of those skills you have and make sure you include them in your cover letter and CV.

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