Accounting & the SOL: Know Your Facts!


Yesterday morning an article published by the Australian Financial Review online, stating that Accounting had been pulled from the Skilled Occupation List, caused widespread panic amongst international accounting graduates, students and young professionals. As a leading national provider of the SMIPA Professional Year Program, with strong ties to the Australian accounting bodies, Performance Education was quick to investigate.

Here are all the facts you need to know:

  • The article published is categorically untrue -  The Australian Financial Review have since removed the story and are expected to issue a retraction
  • The government hasn’t commenced its review of the 2015 SOL list
  • Accounting is not on the list of occupations flagged by the AWPA (Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency) as being monitored for review.  This implies that not only is Accounting not removed, it is no longer on the ‘to be reviewed annually’ list.
  • The Department of Industry, who manage the annual review process of the SOL, are preparing a corrective statement to set the record right

A spokesperson for Senator Cash, Assistant Immigration Minister, said (quoted in The Australian“The report this morning that the occupation of accountant is to be removed from the Skilled Occupation List is incorrect.

“There are no plans to remove accounting from the Skilled Occupation List for the 2015 program year.

“There are processes in place to remove or add occupations to or from the SOL and these procedures will be followed as per the usual practice.” 

At Performance Education we believe there is clear evidence of the future demand for accountants and Accounting will continue to remain on the SOL.

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