Student Stories

Discover the stories of PE’s Professional Year students below and find out how we have helped them maximise their potential to achieve outstanding results for themselves:

Fazila Naqvid

After two weeks into my internship, my manager asked me if I wanted to work full time for a couple of weeks to cover an employee who was going on annual leave. I agreed. 

The next day I started my training, which I was paid for. Once the employee came back, I returned to my unpaid position. However, my manager informed me that they had a few openings in the company based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Auckland. Instantly, I started to apply for these positions, the company’s HR team helped me with my applications, and within a week, I had three interviews and I got offered all three positions.

The senior finance manager called me personally and told me: Fazila, you have the opportunity of working in payroll, accounting and finance, and then she asked me: where does your heart wants to go? I picked the position in Adelaide as an accounts payable officer, as it would help me with my Visa towards permanent residency. So in two months my internship changed into a full time job.

This has been an incredible experience. Thank you to the PE team for helping me as all this would have not happened without your support in finding me this internship.

Kritesh Patel

I have never been so much satisfied and happy with the trainers, course content and the entire PE team. The trainers are very passionate about the subject and they make sure all of us participate in the activities which are carried out in class. Currently, I am doing the Professional Meetings & Presentations unit with Gary Clarke and he has made the subject extremely interesting for us. Even though we are not sitting in the class room, I feel that I am getting the same experience on Zoom and I'm pretty sure other students feel the same. Gary is a great person who always helps us with our doubts and assessments. Also he is very supportive and he actually shares his own experiences which makes the topic very insightful. I would also like to highlight the great help I received from Finance team as well as Student services team. Few weeks ago, I lost my job and I had some issues managing to pay my instalments, Suny and his finance team helped me a lot during that time and I personally felt very supportive.  Thank you Performance Education for all the help and I shall continue recommending this institution to my other colleagues who would be looking for a Professional Year Program provider.

Nitin Ghai

I decided to undertake a Professional Year program for my professional development, internship and networking opportunities. I also wanted to develop my soft skills. The curriculum was good. The teachers were very supportive. There was a lot of learning. Also critical evaluation of my resume and cover letter. The internship exposure was really great. I gained a few skills that will stay with me throughout my professional career like networking and building relationships. I also have a practical understanding of accounting concepts. It widened the area of my job search. It improved my understanding of Australian work culture. It also helped me to analyse my skills and compare it on a different level with my fellow interns.

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