How a PE intern became an award-winning Project Manager

Our guest contributor Elegant Media shares the success story of a PE intern who got hired after his internship and went from being a fresh graduate, to becoming part of an award-winning team.

Starting the journey with PE and Elegant Media

Kunal Raghani was in the final year of his bachelors of information technology at Monash University in 2018. At an industry event organised at the university, he met the Performance Education team and expressed his interest in gaining industry experience. The team guided Kunal through internal programs and mock interviews to prepare him for an interview and found several suitable companies looking for interns with his qualifications and aptitude.

Kunal interviewed with Elegant Media, one of Australia’s biggest App development companies and was brought on board for an internship. Kunal says “the mock interviews conducted by PE helped me a lot since I had never given an interview before. It really helped me build my confidence and get selected”.

From internship to employee

While it took Kunal a few weeks to get his head around the work being done at Elegant Media, he showed the team that he was a quick learner and a hard worker. Within two months Kunal was helping Project Managers handle clients and was directly involved with the App development process.

After finishing his internship and completing his degree, Kunal was offered a full-time position as a project manager by Elegant Media.

“I was lucky enough to be offered a job at the company, I guess because of the good work I was doing,” says Kunal.

Working with the big four and developing revolutionary Apps

It has been two years since Kunal started working full time at Elegant Media, in this time he says he has changed in ways he could have never imagined. In the last two years, Kunal has worked in some massive projects. He has done projects with the Department of Defence, ITO and some of the big four companies. He says he has learnt a lot, but still has a lot more to learn.

When asked what his favourite project has been so far, Kunal said, “We recently collaborated with Ernst & Young and launched an AR App called the Star Shopper App. This is an Augmented Reality App which helps kids learn how to manage money. It was a challenging project, and I am extremely happy with the App we developed, and so are the clients, which is what we are always aiming for.”

From being an intern to training interns

Kunal has come full circle with being an intern to training new interns at Elegant Media. He enjoys it a lot as he feels he can relate to the interns and understands exactly where they are in their careers and how they feel.

The App development team at Elegant Media which Kunal is an integral part of has won many awards in 2020. One of them being the Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Business to Business Services. Asia Pacific 2020.

Kunal is the perfect example of how internships offer both valuable experience for the intern along with great talent and fresh perspectives for the company.

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