How to Get Experience in Australia Which Will Kick-Start Your Career

You need work experience to get a job. But as a student or recent graduate, how do you gain that practical experience? Accounting graduate Shiqi Liang realised that, and took up a Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program with Performance Careers.

In this 20 week program, Shiqi was involved with 8 weeks preparation which included resume preparation, an interview preparation workshop, consulting with her Placement Consultant about her training needs and career goal and more.

She also participated in a 12 week Work Integrated Learning placement which Performance Careers matched her with.

While Performance Careers has been placing students in work integrated learning opportunities for many years, Shiqi was the very first student of our Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program launched in late 2016. That made it extra special for us to hear that after the program, she was offered a job in her field of Accounting!

We are really happy for Shiqi and asked her to share about the experience with us.

Peformance Careers (PC): What were the main reasons you decided to undertake the Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program?

Shiqi Liang (SL): The main reason would be gaining skills and experience. In university I learned concepts and not much hands on experience. Also when applying for a job most companies require relevant experience and skills. Through an internship I would be able to learn the skills needed in the workplace. I would also be able to step into the real world and have knowledge of how Accounting contributes to a company.

PC: Many students and graduates who enquire about the program have come to realise what you’ve mentioned. Now that you’ve finished the program, tell us – what did you enjoy most about the program?

SL: I enjoyed learning new skills. When the team leader and other members assigned me a new task, it was my pleasure to take it on because it meant they trusted me and acknowledged my effort put in previous tasks. I also enjoyed my friendship with colleagues.

PC: That’s great! It sounds like you had good colleagues and a lot to get involved in and learn. So what skills did you learn during the internship placement?

SL: I developed Accounting related skills which helped me with daily tasks, learnt to use the hotel property management system, and learnt interpersonal skills through the team environment. The most important thing I learnt was to prioritise tasks to complete the urgent one first and complete others on a timely basis.

PC: What was the most challenging aspect of your internship placement?

SL: It was challenging to keep everything on track. Problems occur every day and it is not easy to remember what has happened before. I took notes when things occurred so I would be able to refer to it later and follow up.

PC: Do you think the Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program enhanced your future job opportunities?

SL: Yes. I now have Accounting related work experience which is one of the most important criteria when applying for a job, and I have gained different skills and further knowledge of the real Accounting workplace. Additionally my resume has been enhanced from having an internship in a large well-known company, and with a reference from my host company mentor. I have even been offered a job with them as an Accounts Receivable Clerk!

PC: Wow that’s amazing! Congratulations and well done, Shiqi! We are really happy for you. Is there anything else you would like to add?

SL: Performance Careers assisted me when I was lost finding a job. I especially thank my Placement Consultant Zoey who helped me recognise my strengths and develop my interview skills and confidence. I would recommend this program to my friends who are having similar struggles when looking for jobs because it’s nice to have such an opportunity to gain experience.

Prefer watching videos? You can watch Shiqi’s work integrated learning program success.

As part of the program students work towards and will be assessed for the national unit of competency BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment. Find out more about how the Professional Year Program could give you a competitive advantage and help you kick-start your career.

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