What To Wear For Your Interview?

You got the job interview… but now, what should you wear?!

Many will agonise over their outfit choice when preparing for a job interview and whether we like it or not, your appearance is often the first thing people notice and will leave a lasting impression.

Importantly it doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need to change who you are; often when considering what to wear, knowing what NOT to wear or do, can be the simplest path forward!

It’s also worth noting your appearance stems beyond clothes and flows in hygiene, cleanliness, and general effort shown. The interviewer will be trying to visualise you in role, so show them you fit.

Workplace dress codes have evolved in recent years and the following guidelines are commonly accepted as appropriate for interviewing in 2022:

  • Consider comfort and fit; Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, given you’ll be wearing it at a critical moment. You don’t want to be distracted by itchy fabric or an outfit that is too tight. Equally keep your outfit appropriate – revealing attire is never recommended.
  • Be strategic; While interview clothing generally can lean towards conversative in terms of colours and patterns – make sure your outfit isn’t void of personality. You can incorporate character into what you wear, just be strategic about it and don’t go overboard! Perhaps it’s a bright blouse with a simple suit, or a fun tie/socks under your slacks or chinos! Another option is to use jewellery or accessories to add personality to a business outfit.
  • Industry Appropriate; Another consideration is the type of role you’re applying for and the industry in which you’ve applied. If you’re interviewing at a Big 4, the dress code will likely be corporate which will be different to a creative industry, start ups or tech company whose dress code may be more relaxed. Do your research, and if in doubt, remember it’s always better to overdress, then underdress.
  • Crisp, Clean & Tidy! Appearance stems beyond your clothes! Taking the time to ensure whatever outfit you wear is crisp and clean (i.e. pressed, dry cleaned or ironed) will showcase care and effort. Same goes for your shoes, give them a clean or polish. Make sure your outfit is ready the day before the interview.
  • On the Day; Give yourself enough time to get ready and not rush as this will only cause stress. Make sure you cover off the basics like having a shower, putting on deodorant and brushing your teeth! In terms of hair – take the time to wash your hair and style it in a neat and professional way. Any make-up should reflect you and not be overdone!
  • When in Doubt; If you’re still not sure what the company expects or they’ve stated “interview attire” as the dress code with no further details, always lean towards Executive Casual or Business Formal.
    • Executive Casual – Dress Slacks/Skirt, Blazer or Sports Coat, Shirt or Blouse, Dress Shoes.
    • Business Formal – Coordinated Suit & Tie, Shirt or Blouse, Dress Shoes.

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