How To Be More Successful In Your Job Search

Are you a recent graduate and struggling to find a good job?


You are not alone. I had a quick look on LinkedIn today before I started writing this article, and I found one graduate job advertisement from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which received 383 applications within 8 days. Just imagine the level of competition you have to go through to get this graduate job…

Yes, I understand that not all of you want to go through that process and to work at a global organisation like Amazon, but it is safe to say that there is always someone else, just like you, who is applying for the same job as you are.


So, the question is, how do you make yourself standout among all the job applicants throughout the application process:

  • From getting invited for the first interview out of hundreds of applications,
  • making it through to the second stage of interviewing,
  • and finally to getting offered the job that you always wanted?


The short answer is: you don’t have to do anything new, and all you need to do is do keep repeating what worked for you in the past and you will achieve the similar success in your job search too.


Confused? Let’s take a step back and recap what you have done earlier in your life.

For most of you, you would have prepared for your IELTS or PTE exam to get a good result to get into the university or college of your choice here in Australia. In university, you would have studied for the exams to achieve good grades and get your degree. And even outside of your study life, you would probably have learnt and practiced your hobbies, so you can perform well when you need to, be it at cricket, soccer, basketball, or guitar, drum or piano, or even Fortnite.

My point is, it is unlikely to be very successful in any of these if you didn’t prepare and practice for them.


Now let’s come back to finding a job.


Feeling your resume is too similar to your fellow graduates and won’t get the attention from the hiring manager?

Customise it. Understand what the company is looking for, and show the unique side of you that can provide value to the company. You’ll be more likely to get the attention from the hiring manager and get an interview opportunity.

Nervous about answering all those questions at the job interview? Get a list of likely questions and prepare for the answers, and then practice a mock interview with your family and friends. Get them to ask the questions and practice your answers. And if you know someone with hiring experience, ask them to help you practice and get their constructive feedback, so you can keep improving. Saying your answers out loud will help you realise where you need to fine tune your wording. You will be much more confident and answer the questions better than others who didn’t prepare for it.

And now, here’s the most challenging part for recent graduates:


It doesn’t matter how professional your resume looks and how well prepared you are for your interview, what do you show your potential employer when you are asked about your work experiences?


Ideally, you’ll want to show some practical experience within your field and a great way to get this first experience is through an internship.

Find a company where you can intern for a few months, spend meaningful time there in a real working environment, ask questions and get feedback from your mentor to develop your technical and soft skills. This is a great opportunity for you to practice how you behave in a team, at meetings and when networking with your colleagues. When you are applying for your first paid job, being able to refer to your learnings during an internship is invaluable and shows your initiative and drive to succeed in your career.

Standing out from the rest of the competition is essential in any field, but it can be especially daunting for young professionals like you who are just starting their careers.


With a little preparation and some practice, though, you can make sure that your resume stands out and gets you noticed by potential employers. If you’re looking for more experience or want to hone your skills before applying for jobs, consider doing an internship program. Internships give you the opportunity to learn new things while also making valuable connections with people in your industry. They can be a great way to help jumpstart your career and set you up for success. Take a look at our Gradability Accelerator Plus Program if you are searching for an internship in IT, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Business, Supply Chain and more. If you are on your journey to Permanent Residency in Australia and have graduated in IT or Accounting, our Professional Year program will set you up for success!

Are you preparing now to standout?


Max Wang

Senior Sales Manager, Gradability  



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