How University Can Prepare You for the Workplace

As we all know, University gives the theoretical knowledge and understanding of, hopefully, what we aspire to. Typically, these studies do not always teach the ‘soft skills’ that are required in day-to-day life. Before graduation, students need to realise that a degree might get you in the door for an interview and increase your earning potential, but that is only part of the employment equation.

The unemployment rate for graduates in Australia is ever increasing. To avoid being part of that category, there are certainly some things you can do in University to elevate your chances of employment.

1. Think of University as your job

Use class time to work on making a good impression by dressing professionally, using positive body language, and taking the time to introduce yourself to classmates.

2. Meet your lecturers and Career Advisors

Overcome any interview nerves with senior level stakeholders by building relationships with your lecturers. Also, utilise your campus Career Advisor – they are there to help.

3. Practise active listening skills during class

This is the perfect opportunity to hone active listening skills. Fully understand the material presented to you and ask relevant questions to show you understand.

4. Use group projects to practise teamwork skills

Group projects are an excellent way to develop skills such as problem solving and working in a team. Go a step further and volunteer as team leader so you take charge and develop your leadership skills.

5. Improving your skills

There are plenty of transferrable skills that you acquire in University and will use in the workplace. One of these is time management. You are already doing this by balancing your assignments, a part-time job and your social life. Use your great planning skills by thinking about how you cope with it all. Another thing is to make it a priority to arrive to class early, ensuring punctuality at all times.

Are you ready for the next step after university and not quite sure what direction you are heading? The job market can be difficult but our mentors are there to help you find the right Professional Year Program after university.

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