What to expect on the first day of your Professional Year program

For those approaching the first day of their Professional Year program, it can be a mix of daunting, overwhelmed and excited feelings as you set off on a new journey that could help shape your career.

Feeling prepared and knowing what to expect can help alleviate these concerns, so we’ve put together a guide to help you in the lead up to and on your first day of class.

Good luck!

Lead Up  

In the days before starting your Professional Year intake with Performance Education, you will receive log in and access information via email to the systems used in the course, being Moodle and RTOM.

Moodle is the portal that houses the learning material & assessments, while RTOM is our attendance and results system. We suggested logging in and having a look around in advance of day one, so you are familiar with the portals.

Expect an email from your trainer the day before your first class advising exactly where to go and what classroom you’ll be in. If you don’t hear from your trainer – as a backup your classroom number and intake details are in Moodle, or alternatively you can call student services to confirm!

A few notes:

  • It could take up to 72 hours for Moodle to activate, keep this in mind if you enrolled late.
  • There are orientation quizzes in Moodle to complete before your first class, jump in and get these done!
  • You’ll need to bring your own laptop with you but can access WIFI within the campus. And don’t forget your computer charger!
  • A notebook and pen are also suggested in case you have any technological issues.
  • Dress code for classes is smart casual.
  • Bring a drink bottle to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Double check you know the address of the campus and how to get there – it may even be worth a test run in to know where the best parking or mode of public transport is before the first class.

Day One: Class

Start the intake right and make a good first impression on your new classmates and trainer by arriving early – we suggest 8.45am for a 9.00am class start time. You’ll know your classroom in advance so when you arrive on campus you can head straight there.

Ensure you get a good night’s sleep and have breakfast beforehand to fuel your body, so you are ready to participate in the class as the first day will be filled with lots of new information.

Remember the program is all about getting ready to start employment as an IT or Accounting professional, so being willing to engage and contribute is important. You’ll be involved in group activities – similar to that of a workplace – so be prepared to work with other people in a team during the sessions.

Standard Day – Session times

While each day and class will be different, there is a standard structure consisting of five sessions.

You will get four breaks during the day, along with a 30-minute lunch break as mapped out as follows:

  • Session 1:00am – 10.30am, Break (10 min)
  • Session 2:40am – 12:40pm, Lunch Break (30 min)
  • Session 3:10pm – 2.30pm, Break (10 min)
  • Session 4:40pm – 4.00pm, Break (10 min)
  • Session 5:10pm – 5.30pm

FYI – There is a fridge and microwave on site at each campus so you can utilise though as required.

More than 5 Points 

We’ve heard countless times over the years “I’m just here for the five points” from students on their first day of class – if this is might be you, we challenge you to adjust your mindset and be open to more during your professional year journey.

Yes, one of the outcomes of our program is five points, but it can be so much more than that! What you learn and master in this course has the power to make you more employable and deliver life skills that will hold you in good stead in both your personal and professional endeavours.

Our program also helps you to:

  • Build a professional network
  • Build a network of likeminded colleagues on the same journey
  • Build and understand your personal brand
  • Learn how to effectively communicate across different mediums
  • Understand how Australian business environment work and how best to navigate them
  • Understand what employers are looking for/want in graduates
  • Creating a successful resume and cover letter

It’s a big first week but preparing well and knowing what to expect will kick you off on the right path.

As always, the team at Performance education are here to help and you can reach out to our student services team at any stage to assist with you queries or questions.

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